offers of innovative solutions in the field of crypto currency & mining, defy exchanger,
asset management, commercial financing, business consultancy
and global investment solutions.

mining system

Giving mining a new meaning
Decentralized Node Network.
Hashburst runs on a new innovative mining system (patented by Ing. G. Pegoraro, find infos about on, which may be installed and operated in virtually every region of the world. Hashburst is a global decentralized network of anonymous software operators.
Hashburst performs complex cryptographic computations to verify and confirm transactions and provides secure data storage for the delivery of defy products and services.

Letter of patronage

for application or agreement plan
The “Letter of Patronage” is a letter of approval and a guarantee contract issued by a Subject or a Financial Entity, in place of a surety.

It is a so-called “atypical” Financial Instrument among Bank Guarantees, widely used in the Anglo-Saxon and international financial world.

The objective is to facilitate access to financial and documentary credit, or to be used as a guarantee of good execution of contracts and agreements between the Parties, with the difference with respect to sureties or specific guarantees, that the Guarantor assumes a accessory commitment to “first request”, therefore more stringent than the “typical” surety or guarantee

Digital patronage

Our main target is to develop a set of tool and technology to adapt the insurance and financial market, notoriously slow and tied by a stringent bureaucracy, to the new millennium business offering the possibility to accelerate processes and optimize response times for the development phase of companies.

We aim to bring in the market new kinds of guarantees, validated and certified by the crowd through the blockchain, giving to everyone interested the opportunity to become an active part of the process with IMF token.”